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givehappy-lockup-2I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I’ve posted before about OshKosh B’gosh and how much I love their brand. Over the years all of us ladies at church have been having babies around the same time and have always passed baby/toddler clothes back and forth. The hand-me-downs started back in 2004; Not many brands have last after being worn over and over again by multiple children, but OshKosh has always stood up to the test. Although my kids are bigger now, we still pass along clothes occasionally (like those OshKosh pieces that withstand the older kids’ rough treatment) but I prefer to buy OshKosh for them when I can because I know- whether passing along or not- the clothes will be able to stand up to the toughest treatment that my rough and tumble kids can put them through. And trust me, they put them through a lot!

When I went to the OshKosh store last weekend I really struggled with what to get. Not only was everything adorable (as always) but they were having such amazing deals! There were so many bright, cheery colors and cute outfits to choose from, and all trendy at an affordable price! I’m so glad my daughter can still fit into their clothes because she has outgrown most of her clothes and-since she’s so big for her age she no longer gets hand-me-downs- we have to buy her everything now. Since it’s getting cold here we’ve discovered she has very few pairs of pants/leggings and long sleeved shirts! I had an awesome 25% off coupon to use on my purchase, and with all of the amazing deals I was able to get quite a few outfits for her, as well as a Christmas dress shirt for my two youngest boys- all for $103! Hopefully we can find big brother a matching top and have the perfect ensemble for our holiday portraits/cards this year!

I mentioned about my daughter being big for her age, and when it comes to clothes that can be very frustrating to her. Despite the fact that she wears pre-teen sizes, she still likes the littler girly things at times and has trouble finding them in her size. She was beyond excited to see that the pajamas I picked out for her were not only fun with their zebra stripes (which she loves), but they also came with a sparkly tutu!

OshKosh Girls Pajamas She also loved this little hint to one of her favorite Disney movies- ‘Frozen’.

OshKosh Girls Snow Princess TopThose jeans are awesome. She’s tall and lean, so while she needs the length in her pants the waist is often too big. I love that OshKosh jeans have the adjustable waist.

OshKosh E-Z Adjust Waist JeansThe rest of her outfits were just as big a hit.

OshKosh Girls Sparkle Heart POlka Dot TopOshKosh Girls Blue Sparkle Heart TopOshKosh Girls Hooded Striped TopNot pictured are a black pair of leggings and a navy pair of leggings which I bought to replace the ones she has now put holes in. Despite the girly-girl she can be, she is also the only sister with three brothers, so she can be a total tomboy too!

As you can see, she is one happy girl with her new stylish outfits.  The boys are pretty thrilled with their new tops as well, and they look adorable all matchy-matchy (if I do say so myself).

OshKosh Boys Red TopOshKosh has tons of adorable holiday clothing right now too, and I’m seriously considering heading back to get a matching holiday outfit for my daughter. Look at these adorable styles!

ok_H14_event_141_M-600 ok_H14_fleece_A_091_M-600Right now OshKosh B’gosh is sharing their holiday #GiveHappy messaging to help us remember the importance of celebrating the holidays and delighting in the simple joys of childhood.

BettertoGive-600Even the smallest, simple moments- like getting a few new outfits- can #GiveHappy.  Small acts of kindness such as, hugs, smiles, praise, fun and laughter are a few easy ways YOU can get started and #GiveHappy. 

OshKosh wants to spread the holiday cheer and #GiveHappy to you with this 25% off coupon. Just click to go to the page and print. Easy peasy. Thanks OshKosh!

H14 Mom Blog CouponTo find a location near you check out the OshKosh store locator, or hop over to the OshKosh website and start shopping online now!  Be sure and follow OshKosh B’gosh on Twitter and like OshKosh B’gosh on Facebook for additional info, deals and more!


  1. I am such a HUGE OshKosh B’Gosh fan! They are just the greatest all-American company! Love all the new outfits!!

  2. My kiddos have long ago outgrown OshKosh B’Gosh sizes, but I have wonderful memories of them and would buy them for gifts in an instant! They last under the hard use of kid activities–tree and rock climbing, playground activity, baseball & football pick up games. They were the most passed down clothing of all, because they held up. They were also super cute! Someday I will have to buy some for grand babies…but that is a few years off from now. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the 25% off coupon. Perfect to save some cash when I shop for holiday gifts.

  4. We love Osh Kosh! She looks so grown up!!

  5. They all look great in their new clothes! My daughter used to love wearing Osh Kosh!

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love Oshkosh! I am actually heading to my local store tomorrow for some pants for my little guy!

  7. OshKosh has such timeless and cute clothes. Your daughter looks like she loved them all!

  8. What a gorgeous model! These clothes are adorable, makes me wish I had some little ones to buy them for.

  9. Brooke is growing so much! She looks beautiful, the outfits are so cute on her. The boys look so adorable in their matching shirts. I need to get my boys some cute Oshkosh bGosh for holiday events.

  10. I do not have little boys but I know how hard it is to buy clothes for them. I am loving these shirts you picked out. Very nice.

  11. Catherine S says

    All the outfits are really great. I loved to shop at Oshkosh when my son was little.

  12. I used to love shopping at Osh Kosh for my kids. Their clothes are so cute and durable.

  13. Osh Kosh has such a great selection of clothing – they are high quality and decently priced. I am glad you are sharing some of their fall/winter selections for kids!

  14. Everything is so adorable! I love clothes with an adjustbale waistband!

  15. Every outfit is cute. The pink and gray striped top w/the hood is my fave. We love Osh Kosh here.

  16. Oshkosh clothes are so cute. We have an outlet by us so kiddo gets a few outfits once in a while from there.

  17. I love Osh Kosh! I also love that they go the larger sizes! It’s hard to find boy clothes once the get to be a certain size!

  18. We love Oshkosh clothes because they are so well made and they have so many gorgeous outfits to try out! My sister dresses my nephew in this brand and he always looks so cute!

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