Thanksgiving is Sweeter When it’s a #HoneyBakedHoliday – #sponsored Review and $500 gift card #Giveaway

HoneyBaked Ham ThanksgivingThis post is brought to you by HoneyBaked Ham. All thoughts expressed are my own.

I can’t believe the holiday season is already upon us! It seems as if it’s REALLY sneaked up this year, and I can honestly say I’m not quite ready for it, especially for the cooking part of the holidays. I love to cook, but when I realize Thanksgiving is just over a week away (eek!) I dread the thought. Perhaps you are feeling the same way?  I have a fantastic solution for both of us: HoneyBaked Ham!

Did you know that HoneyBaked Ham doesn’t only offer the most fabulous, mouthwatering hams and sides, but they also have HoneyBaked Turkey too?! I had NO idea!

HoneyBaked Ham ShoppingThis past weekend I was able to head to my local HoneyBaked Ham store (shout out to the Paradise Valley store, woot) to pick up a HoneyBaked Ham, HoneyBaked Turkey (smoked, no less!), delicious sides and even a pecan pie. We always love stopping in there because it’s easy. The staff is helpful, everything we need is easy to find, and we’re never in there long (which is a lifesaver when I have to bring all 4 kids along)! This trip was like the others- quick and easy. We invited some family over for a 5:30 dinner for the next evening, anxious to indulge in the HoneyBaked goodness.

Our Saturday was insanely busy and I honestly was panicked that our dinner wouldn’t be ready on time. I left my cousin’s bridal shower at 4:45 and still had to stop at the grocery store for salad fixin’s, freaking out the entire time that I was running out of time- I should have remembered that HoneyBaked Ham had it all covered! Everything is precooked, so all that was needed was to reheat the foods. Thankfully my husband was home to start cooking everything. We only have one oven, but all of the sides are able to be heated in the microwave (thank you!!) so we heated it through in the microwave and finished it off in the oven for that ‘crispier’ finish.  Wouldn’t you know it, everything was ready by the time company arrived, and it was all fabulous!

HoneyBaked Smoked Turkey BreastMouthwatering ham, turkey (with that classic HoneyBaked crust), gravy, stuffing, mac and cheese, sweet potato souffle (my fav!), and finished off with a piece of oooey gooey pecan pie right out of the oven.

Pecan PieWe decided to enjoy our “Thanksgiving meal” the way we usually do every year… Outdoors! It’s very rare that a Thanksgiving Day in Phoenix, Arizona is too cold to be outdoors, and since our family gatherings are huge (this year we’ll have just shy of 70 people) we have to have our overflow outside. So for this meal we decided to set up the 8 foot table outside, lay out the food, paper plates and plastic forks, grab the camp chairs and chow down! 

Diggin inThe 75 degree high for the day made for a perfect evening (albeit not the best for photos, but you can imagine, right?). Perfect weather, loving family, delicious meal with little work on my part- It doesn’t get ANY better than that!

kidsThere’s truly nothing easier than a HoneyBakedHoliday- and nothing more delicious either. Make this Thanksgiving a time for relaxing and enjoying family… Let HoneyBaked Ham do the work for you.  Scroll down to find a limited time coupon AND a $500 gift card giveaway!!!

From now until 1/11/15 you can enter to win a $25,000 HoneyBaked Kitchen Makeover when you buy a Ham and Turkey Breast bundle.

Check out this limited time coupon for $7.00 off any Sliced and Glazed Whole Turkey and 4lb Quarter Ham (Or Larger) from HoneyBaked Ham to help you make your holiday dinner easy and delicious! (Offer Valid at Participating Retail Locations: Forestville, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fields Ertel, Beechmont, Kenwood, Colerain, Florence, Salem, Centerville, Sawmill Road, McNaughten, Louisville, Lexington, Fern Creek, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Superstition, Tucson East, Tucson North, Overland Park, Independence, Barry Road, Norristown, Parma, Willoughby, Rocky River, Strongsville, Maple Heights, Canton, Fairlawn and Chapel Hill.)

HoneyBaked Ham is giving away a $500 Gift Card! You can enter below!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Honey Baked Hams are SO good. Growing up, that is all my mom bought for our Christmas dinner.

  2. Wow, what a delicious looking meal! Says comfort and Thanksgiving for sure. What a great giveaway

  3. Thanks for the coupon! I love HoneyBaked Ham. We purchase from them a few times each year.

  4. That looks so good. I’ll tell my son about this so he doesn’t have to cook everything~!

  5. Entered adn retweeted today. Honey Baked Makes the BEST Hams!

  6. Now that is a meal I could get into. Looks delish.

  7. We have a Honeybaked Ham right up the street from my house but I have never been there! I really need to fix that though because it looks delicious!

  8. Oh yum! I haven’t had ham in ages, and never a honey baked ham! This post makes me hungry! It looks soooooo good!

  9. I’m the first to admit it and say, skip the turkey……go straight for the ham!! I love honey baked ham and we fix one EVERY year for Thanksgiving and another one for Christmas!

  10. I always love Honey Baked Ham! It’s delicious on the holidays!

  11. Honey Baked Ham is the only brand I’ll buy. It’s so tasty.

  12. I’ve never thought of ham for Thanksgiving…but why not, a honey baked ham is so delish. I’ll have to check them out.

  13. Honey Baked ham is awesome. We always get one for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. We love our ham. =D

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Honey baked ham is my favorite. Growing up my mom always did a turkey and a ham for Holiday dinners.

  15. Honey Baked Ham is the best ham, ever! I always get a big ham for Christmas and one at Easter.

  16. I love Honey Baked Ham. If it was up to me we would have ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  17. This is one commodity that cannot be absent at the Christmas table. Especially love Honey Baked.

  18. There is really nothing better than Honey Baked. Try as I may, I can’t even come close to making one

  19. I can’t even tell you how much we love those! I’d eat them all year long!

  20. That meal looks so good! Honey Baked Ham is the best brand.

  21. Thanks for the marvelous giveaway! I absolutely love HoneyBaked Ham and all their sides!

  22. I didn’t realize they had turkey, too! I’ll have to check this out. I’d love to not have to worry about the turkey this Thanksgiving.

  23. I had no idea that their was a Honeybaked Cafe. Learn something new everyday. I love ham, but mostly in bean soup or in an omelet.

  24. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance. We love HOney Bakes Ham.

  25. All that food looks awesome! I love honey baked hams.

  26. that am does look really juicy! My mom is really good at making juicy ham

  27. We always have fan for thanksgiving. This looks very juicy!

  28. This looks so good right now. We always think turkey for Thanksgiving but now that I saw the Honeybaked Ham & sides I would love to break tradition. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  29. Oh, yum yum YUM!!! I would love to have some of that without the stress of prep! I think the Honeybaked store also serves sandwiches, or they used to. I will have to check, because that would be a great lunch amidst Christmas shopping! Thanks for the coupon and the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  30. Looks delish & super easy πŸ™‚

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