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american_girl_logo_thumbThis post is brought to you by American Girl. All thoughts expressed are my own.

My daughter started to love American Girl watching the movies, but fell head over heels when she received her first American Girl doll last Christmas. “Faith”- her My American Girl doll I picked out for her- has been her constant companion. She plays with her all of the time. She even brings her to church and her friends bring their American Girl (or other brand) dolls and they swap clothes and play. It’s adorable.

When the American Girl catalog came in the mail a few weeks ago my daughter grabbed it, plopped down on the floor and proceeded to spend the next hour or more browsing and making her wish list. A few days later she brought it to me and told me her top choices. I was thrilled to hear her #1 choice, knowing that was the one that was already on it’s way to our house for this review! Meet the beautiful American Girl Doll Samantha:

American Girl Doll SamanthaSamantha Parkington is kind, generous, and always ready to make a new friend. She has sparkling brown eyes that open and close and long, glossy brown curls. She comes in an authentic 1904 outfit:

  • A petal-pink dress with a layer of sheer dotted mesh on top, a lace hem and collar, short puff sleeves, and a burgundy velvet sash

  • White tights

  • White bloomers

  • Black Mary Jane shoes

  • A burgundy ribbon for her hair

American Girl Doll Samantha outfitThe 18″ Samantha doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl.

Samantha also came with novel number one, called Manners and Mischief, of her classic series. My daughter loves to read and has borrowed and read a handful of the American Girl novels, so owning this one and getting to read it whenever she wants will be awesome to her!

American Girl Doll Samantha and bookShe is going to adore this Samantha doll when she opens it, and I imagine we’ll be spending her Christmas money on choice #2 from the American Girl catalog. She loves skateboarding, so she was immediately in love with the new Skateboarding Set for Dolls!

Skateboarding Set for DollsIt doesn’t just come with the cute outfit, but also with the shoes, skateboard, and stickers to decorate the skateboard. The wheels actually roll on the skateboard and it has elastic straps to secure the doll’s feet. How cool is that?!

American Girl dolls are a perfect gift for the little girl in your life! Not only will she adore the American Girl doll you choose for her, but if you purchase an American Girl Doll now through December 18th,  American Girl will donate one 18-inch doll to Children’s Hospital Association (up to a maximum of 25,000 dolls total will be donated during the promotion period). It’s a win-win-win!

Check out all of the other American Girl dolls, accessories, books, clothes, and more on their website.  Be sure and like American Girl on Facebook and follow American Girl on Twitter for more great info, sweepstakes and more.


  1. That is an adorable doll. Love that they will donate one to the hospital.

  2. My nieces are SO into American Girl!! I love that they still come with the historical books

  3. I was just at the American Girl store in NYC this past weekend. The windows are decorated so nicely for the holidays. My little cousin has a Julie doll.

  4. These dolls are such classics. I know I had one when I was young!

  5. My daughter would go absolutely crazy if she had one of these dolls. We went to the AG store but didn’t buy anything and I have heard about it for months.

  6. My daughter loved American Girl dolls when she was little. She had several of them!

  7. Both dolls are pretty. I like the modern style of the skateboard doll and the fact that skateboarding is traditionally a boys activity and they have a girl doll doing it.

  8. I wish I had daughters. I would have loved these dolls as a child.

  9. My oldest daughter has always wanted an American Girl doll. I cannot wait to get her one for Christmas. They are so pretty, and obviously very well made.

  10. This looks like a really nice doll. I bet my 6 year old niece would love it.

  11. I have a little niece that is just getting old enough to really enjoy an American Girl Doll. I only have boys so I would love to spoil her with this for Christams.

  12. Gorgeous little doll! My girls haven’t discovered American Girl yet which I’m surprised but I think they’d love them!

  13. Our daughter isn’t much for dolls, but she has a friend that is head over heels for them. I’ve done a couple of American Girl themed cakes as well, they are a lot of fun.

  14. Samantha was ALWAYS my favorite. What an awesome book review too.

  15. Oh, cute. She’s really pretty. I personally never got into the AG dolls. Kiddo never really asked for one, but she does have a store version that is very pretty. She enjoys playing with her and taking her places.

  16. I love all the wonderful things American Girl is doing. My daughters are both teens but when my youngest daughter was about 10 she read some of the chapter books and loved them. Such a great story behind each doll.

  17. I absolutely love American Girl dolls. Addie is my favorite and then Samantha. Such a fun concept for girls.

  18. I”m so thrilled to hear about the “if you purchase an American Girl Doll now through December 18th, American Girl will donate one 18-inch doll to Children’s Hospital Association”. What an amazing campaign. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I like American Dolls. I hope when my granddaughter gets older that she likes them too. 🙂

  20. My daughter had an American Girl when she was younger. She wouldn’t let that thing leave her side LOL!

  21. I grew up on American Dolls! I never owned one though but I am happy to see Samantha she is so cute!

  22. My daughter wants an American Girl Doll so badly, she has an old one that I guess we can send into the AG hospital to get fixed up? I may have to look further into that. This doll is simply adorable and with a book sells me anytime! I love books for kids.

  23. This American Doll is so cute, and I would have loved to play with this doll when I was a child. These are such fun dolls and my niece loves hers. She got one for Christmas last year and she plays with it all the time!

  24. My daughter is two. We took her in this store and she was immediately in love. I’m sure we’ll have a few of these dolls in our house very soon.

  25. shelly peterson says

    What a beautiful doll. My nieces love American Girl Dolls, this would make a great Christmas present for them.

  26. I love love American Gir! The books she comes with are awesome. II donate to Toys for Tots and have wone one a couple years ago and could imagune the smile some little girl had.

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