7 Tips for Women to Take Care of Their Skin

cucumber mask facialThis post was written by Laura Johnson

What makes a person beautiful? It’s their radiant spirit and positive attitude, their fit and lean bodies, the quality and texture of their hair, and the health of their skin. In other words, many things well within a person’s control.

While beauty magazines focus on things like symmetrical features and bone structure, these don’t help if you have a dour disposition, look completely out of shape, and have neglected hair and skin health.

If, contrary to media brainwashing, beauty is something within our control and not just genetic, what can you do to take better care of yourself?

While there are many aspects of beauty to consider from attitude to weight management, let’s start with something that will attract immediate attention—healthy, glowing skin.

Here are seven ideas to point you in the right direction:

1. Skin Blemishes

There are many natural oils and botanicals that can quickly clear all kinds of skin blemishes. Even stubborn blemishes like skin tags can be tackled. Today, there are many excellent skin tag removal products to help you get that clear skin you’ve always wanted.

2. A Skin Care Regimen

Many women neglect following a skin care regimen because they don’t make the time to fit skin care into their hectic schedule

facialsFirst, identify whether you have normal or combination skin, oily skin, dry or mature skin, or sensitive skin.

Next, use a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer in the morning and evening.

Last, once you get into the habit of using a basic skin care regimen, try an advanced routine if necessary. In the morning and evening, use a cleanser, toner, exfoliant, treatment serum, and moisturizer.

3. Sun Exposure

While the sun is good for us, too much exposure can cause skin problems like wrinkles and age spots. In your morning skin routine, add a moisturizer with sunscreen protection. When you go swimming or to the beach, avoid overexposure to the sun by using sunscreen with an SPF of 15, seeking shade whenever possible, and wearing protective hats and clothing.

4. Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you are doing your skin a huge disservice. Smoking is not only bad for your cardiovascular health, but it causes damage to the skin.

Here are four ways smoking harms your skin:

  • ~It ages skin.
  • ~It increases wrinkles.
  • ~It shrinks the blood vessels in the epidermis, decreasing blood flow and depleting the supply of oxygen and micronutrients to the skin.
  • ~It damages the fibers that contribute to the strength and elasticity of the skin, namely collagen and elastin.

5. Bathing

While daily hygiene is certainly necessary, we must also be careful not to strip the skin of too much moisture.

lotionHere are four hygienic habits that strip the skin of its protective moisture:

  • ~Taking long, hot showers. If you don’t want to reduce the length of your showers or the temperature of the water because of their soothing psychological benefits, you should moisturize your skin after a shower.
  • ~Strong soaps can strip moisture, you should strive to use mild cleansing soaps.
  • ~Use a shaving gel before shaving legs. You should apply a lotion afterwards to reintroduce moisture. Also shave in the direction the hair grows rather than against it.
  • ~Toweling off after a shower can often be too vigorous. Pat the towel against your body rather than vigorously scrubbing it dry.

6. Diet and Exercise

A good diet and plenty of exercise will go a long way in ensuring healthy, glowing skin.

For a good diet, eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Reduce the amount of foods you eat high in salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, and refined carbohydrates.

For healthy exercise, develop cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. Many people focus only on one of these activities, but you actually need to do all three to enjoy optimum health. If, for example, you only run, you are primarily developing excellent cardiovascular health, but not developing much upper body strength and doing little to improve flexibility.

7. Rest and Relaxation

In our culture, performance is rewarded, and the pressures of life compel us to continually improve our performance. But just as an inhale has to be balanced with an exhale, so too does high performance living with periodic rest and relaxation.

Setting your nervous system to be “on” at all times results in chronic stress, and this can affect the skin, resulting in a variety of skin problems, the most common being acne breakouts.

massageIronically, by learning to relax more, your performance will improve, as you will be refreshed and energized. You will also have a better perspective of what needs to be done and how to do it.

According to the American Psychological Association, “Meditation and mindful prayer help the mind and body relax and focus. Mindfulness can help people see new perspectives, develop self-compassion and forgiveness. When practicing a form of mindfulness, people can release emotions that may have been causing the body physical stress. Much like exercise, research has shown that even meditating briefly can reap immediate benefits.”

Beauty from the Inside-Out

Naturally, beauty has to be more than skin-deep. By cultivating your mood and character, by flowering as a beautiful person, your outer form, including your skin health, will also reflect your inner beauty.

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