Stompeez- Fun Slippers for Kids- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway

One thing that my kids have been begging for a TON lately is a pair of Stompeez.  How can they resist with the adorable animals and moving parts?! We were able to choose a pair for the holidays, and it was so hard deciding which child to get these for.  My daughter already  has a […]

Sportline 345DS Pedometer- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway

We are a family that loves to be outdoors enjoying the weather, and since we live in Arizona that’s easy!  Being outdoors and keeping moving is so important, and I want to be sure that my kids learn to love to be active while they’re young so they keep those habits as they grow. )I […]

Yala Designs Bamboo Circle Top- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway

I love it when I find a top that works for dressy and dressy-casual. Since we go to church every Sunday and Wednesday night and we dress up, I need dress clothes.  However, on the occasions when we have date night or dinner out with friends, I don’t want to get as dressed up as […]

Women’s Apparel from Fresh Produce- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Seeing as how I could live in my pajamas, I’m always thrilled to find comfy clothing to wear… ‘Cause unfortunately I can’t really live in my pajamas. Boo.  So where does a girl go when she wants something cute and comfy?  Fresh Produce! I was sent the Seabreeze Top in cobalt. It was hard to […]

Uncle Milton Fireflies In My Room- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

When I sleep I love it to be dark.  My kids do not. Brooke’s night light illuminates the entire hallway, and Logan has at least 3 night lights in his room, including the Star Wars Light Saber Room Light from Uncle Milton, which he is beyond thrilled with! When Uncle Milton sent us the Fireflies […]

Aroma Rice Cooker- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

We probably eat rice with dinner about once a week.  It’s cheap, quick, easy and delicious.  Cooking it just got a lot easier too, thanks to the Aroma Rice Cooker! Because we have a family of 6- as well as my mom who eats with us multiple nights a week- I opted to go with […]

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