Happiness Is

I’ve had a burden on my heart lately.  A recent sermon and some thoughts from a sister in Christ added to what had been on my heart.  Here’s the gist; true happiness isn’t found in selfishness or fulfilling our own wants and needs.  True happiness is found in serving God and serving others. As a […]

As Long As We Both Shall Live- Celebrating 10 Years

Today is a very special day for me… 10 years ago today I married the man of my dreams. (So long ago that our pictures weren’t even digital, and I have yet to get them made as a digital copy.  This photo is from our reception and will have to do as our wedding photo […]

Introducing Your Kids To God

After a recent post about my children reminding me they do listen to me when I talk (phew, that’s nice to know), I had a reader suggest that I write about how to introduce your kids to God.  This suggestion struck me funny, only because I never thought about it before… You see, I grew […]

Another Lesson From My Children- Mistakes and Forgiveness

I had a typical parenting moment. You know, the one where your child does the same thing they know they’re not supposed to do that you’ve warned them about over and over and yet they did it again for the umpteenth time…? Yep, that one.  Of course, upon scolding and showing extreme unhappiness at the […]

A Lesson From My Children- God’s Love

While on our way home from looking at Christmas lights a few weeks ago, we got to deal with a grumpy driver who, consequently, turned me into a grump too.  10 MPH over the speed limit in the slow lane wasn’t fast enough for him, and he was on my bumper.  I said something out […]

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