Made In America Sponsor Spotlight: The Wish Kingdom *Upcoming giveaway!*

When searching for baby clothes made in America, I ran across The Wish Kingdom.  I was immediately drooling over the outfits on the site.  I was thrilled when I had the chance to speak over the phone with Robin, owner and creator of The Wish Kingdom, about the Made In America event!  Here is a […]

Made In America Event Sponsor Sneak Peek

The Made In America event starts in less than a week!  Here are the amazing sponsors I get to share with you! Click on the logos to visit their sites and see the amazing items they have to offer… You have a chance to win a package with an amazing item from each of these […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Miche handbags *review and giveaway!*

I’ve said it in previous posts before, but in case you missed it: Until recently I hadn’t owned a purse since having my first baby almost 8 years ago. 8 years I’ve been carrying a diaper bag. Yikes. I was recently introduced to Miche (pronounced me-chee, in case you were wondering) from Nancy of Arizona […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Shabby Apple *review and giveaway!*

I go to church every Sunday, and wear a dress or skirt and blouse.  It is on Sundays- and pretty much only Sundays- that I actually feel pretty and feminine. I get to dress up in a pretty dress or skirt and blouse, wear cute high heels, and I even take the time to apply […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Jessie Steele Apron *review and giveaway*

I never used to consider myself a good cook.  My mom never did a whole lot of cooking, especially after my parents divorced and my brother moved in with my dad.  She and I were both content with a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner.  Oh yes, it was […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Hapari Swimwear *review and giveaway*

Yes ladies, it’s about that time. Swim season is quickly upon us, and whether we like it or not, chances are we’ll be donning a swimsuit at least once this summer.  Living in Arizona, weather is warm enough to be swimming now, if you can believe it! Other than a few of my teen and […]

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