Grand Canyon Hike Must Have- Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods

As I mentioned in my Grand Canyon Hike Must-Haves post, we opted to take only Mountain House Freeze Dried food for our dinners for all 5 of us.  They’re lightweight, come in multi-serving sizess (the larger are perfect to feed all of us), and take just a few minutes to make. I hadn’t ever had […]

Preparing For a Grand Canyon Hike

There are 2 things you need to get all prepared for the hike: Your bag and your body.  Don’t get either of those prepared properly and you’ll be sorry! To get our bodies prepared, we made it a point to walk and hike months in advance.  Remember we took 3 of our kids, so although […]

Must-Have Items For Your Grand Canyon Hike

After hiking a few times, we’ve determined what items we MUST have when we hike the Grand Canyon.  You may want more, but I wouldn’t suggest any less.  Check with your local outdoor shop and see what other items they may suggest, but be sure you at least have these… Hiking Backpack- You’ll want a […]

So You Want to Hike the Grand Canyon…

If you haven’t read my post about our own Grand Canyon Adventure to Havasupai, check it out now! Okay, so you may be one of the many that says, “But Alesha, there’s no way I can hike 12 miles in AND 12 miles out”!  I have heard that from so many people since we started […]

Wordless Wednesday: More Grand Canyon

So many great pics I can’t help but keep sharing! For more WW visit Woven By Words, Go Graham Go and the WW HQ. Don’t forget to link up your yummy recipes for Delicious Dish Tuesday!! AND be sure to enter all the giveaways going on right now (see the sidebar under giveaways)!

Our Grand Canyon Adventure Trip

Awesome.  If I had to describe our trip to the Grand Canyon in one word, that would be it.  My husband put it this way: “It’s not a vacation, it’s an adventure”. If a 12+ mile hike in and a steep decent into a waterfall sounds like a vacation to you, you’re my hero.  To […]

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