Back 2 School Bash Starts in 1 Week! Check Out These Awesome Sponsors

The Back 2 School Bash starts next Friday, and Full Time Mama has you covered for back to school clothes.  Next week I’ll be posting my reviews for Gymboree and Tsukihoshi, and then on Friday you’ll have your chance to win the prize package; a $75 g/c to Gymboree and your choice of shoes from […]

Delicious Dish Tuesday Recipe Link Up: Milk Chocolate Cafe Truffles

Welcome to another Delicious Dish Tuesday, a blog hop for and about delicious food! Here’s another tasty recipe from my International Delight Iced Coffee post: Milk Chocolate Cafe Truffles.  These are very rich but very, very tasty! After visiting last week’s contributors to Delicious Dish Tuesday, my favorite recipe is Honey Mustard Chicken,from The 21st Century […]

Celebrating Friends- Final Day: More amazing Blogging Friends

Wow, we’re at the last day already! This week of Celebrating Friends has gone fast, but it’s been nice to celebrate the friendships that are a blessing in my life, and to read some of my friends’ Celebrating Friends posts too! Thanks for joining in girls! For this last day, I want to share some […]

Celebrating Friends: My Blogging BFF

I can’t not celebrate the friendship I have with my “blogging bff” Nancy! Nancy and I were both a bit obsessed with entering giveaways, and I frequently saw her screen name entering the same giveaways as I did.  I also saw her winning a lot of those giveaways too!  I think we first “met” on […]

Celebrating Friends: My Sister-In-Law

I’ve known my now sister-in-law, Rebecca, since we were little.  We also grew up together, going to the same church.  My best friend Erica is her cousin, and there was actually a whole slew of us kids who grew up together in the same church. As kids we hung out, but her being a few […]

Celebrating Friends: My Aunt

My Aunt Trish and I are close; Close in age, close in relationship. I was born just a week before my aunt turned 12, the first grandkid/niece/daughter in the family, and we lived at my grandparent’s house in the basement apartment. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that we became ‘friends’ though, and […]

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