Sick day(s)

Just a quick note to let you all know I’m sorry I have been MIA from your blogs these past few days! 2 of my kiddos have had the stomach flu for the past 3 days and today is the first that they’ve felt good enough to let me leave their side (besides when they’re […]

Mommy Brag Moment, and Check out Logan’s new shirt!

First, I have to brag on my boy a minute. =) We had Logan’s reading level tested this morning to see where he is at. Background: He will be turning 6 years old next month. We are in our last weeks of finishing up 1st grade (we homeschool). He tested at a mid-2nd grade reading […]

Sometimes it’s the little things

Something happened recently that reminded me of a post I read on DrahDrah’s blog a while ago. It touched me, and I thought I’d share it. We went to Costco to grab a few things. After stopping at a sample stand (we never pass those up!), we began walking. An old man caught my attention, […]

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