Posy Lane Personalized Products- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Posy lane offers tons of fun, adorable products for kids, men and women, all available for personalization!  I spent quite some time oohing and ahhing over their products; I love the personalized ink stamps, children’s aprons, fleece blankets and bath towel wraps (to name a few)! I was thrilled when I found out we’d be […]

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Phew, I’m exhausted.  I think I say that every day.  I am a stay-at-home-mom- a huge job in itself.  I homeschool my kids- also a huge job.  And everybody knows merely caring for a household is another job in itself; cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes…  I know I forgot a few things, but my brain is […]

I Can Handle Blood, Vomit, even Poop. But I Don’t Do…

…(insert Psycho music here)… TEETH (as in loose teeth and pulling teeth).   Even as a kid I couldn’t handle when my teeth were loose.  I preferred to let them fall out on their own, but my mom preferred to take me to a family friend to have them pulled.  She’d wait each time to see […]

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish and Color Changing Tee- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway

My daughter is a perfect mix of girly girl and tom boy;  With 3 brothers I wouldn’t have expected much less! One of her very favorite things to do is paint her nails.  I, however, am not a big fan.  I can’t do my own very well and half the time the polish chips off […]

I Love You in 120 Languages Necklace from Nano Style

I’ve never been the ‘typical’ woman when it comes to jewelry.  I only wear my wedding ring regularly, and have about 2-3 necklaces I wear when I go out and when I go to church.  I like to look at jewelry, but it’s not often I see anything I think I have to have, let […]

Cali Cosmetics Tarocco-2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Quality beauty and body products are always a welcomed gift!  Cali Cosmetics’ line of Tarocco products is made from the Tarocco (also know as “Blood Orange” and “Red Orange”). This fruit, rich in antioxidants and will leave your skin soft, replenished and toned.  I love love love the smell, and so does my husband.  He’s even used the Body Scrub […]

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