A mother’s work is NEVER done!

During the time Gary and Logan were gone hiking the Grand Canyon, I decided to do some spring cleaning… about 2 seasons too late.  In any case, I had a Pepsi at 10pm and was up until almost 3am cleaning and organizing like mad (gotta love caffeine)!  It felt amazing when I was done! It […]

Making time for me… How? + manicure/pedicure giveaway!

Being a mother is no easy job; It’s a full-time job that gets no breaks.  I am a wife, a mom to four children, and a home maker.  I am a cook, a housekeeper, a laundry machine operator, a janitor, a driver, a homeschool teacher (3rd grade, 1st grade and Kindergarten teacher, in fact), a […]

Smart Mom Teething Bling review and giveaway!! *CLOSED*

The reality of having a baby means giving up some things; free time, money, sleep, sanity(!), even small things like carrying a purse or wearing light colored clothing!  Having had all 4 of my kids close together, there are things I have pretty much gone without for the last 7 years.  One of these things […]

I am this mom…

My mom took my kids this morning for a few hours. She had the day off and wanted them to come play in the slip-n-slide at her house. She also thought it would be nice for me to have some time alone to do whatever I felt like. Isn’t she sweet? I was miserable… Is […]

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