Family Outing to Sedona, Arizona

Here in the Valley of the Sun we don’t get to see the leaves change.  While it’s awesome that most of the city is green year round (assuming we adequately water), I do love to see all of the fall colors that my friends in other states share through photos on their blogs, Instagram, and […]

Wordless Wednesday- Creepy

We took the kids to play racquetball last week and this thing was in there. Thankfully it was dead, but still. Ick. Not sure exactly what it is, but it’s creepy. For more WW visit Woven By Words and the WW HQ.

Wordless Wednesday- Baby of the Family

… of geckos that live by our porch light. This little guy found his way into the house and into my bathroom somehow.  My 6-year-old found him in there and caught him, and we reunited him with his family. He is so adorable! For more WW, visit Woven By Words, Go Graham Go, and the […]

Wordless Wednesday- Arizona Sunsets

Are the BEST. For more WW visit Woven By Words, Go Graham Go, and the WW HQ.

Wordless Wednesday- Baby Kestrel Falcon

Okay, this won’t be as wordless as it should be, but I must fill you in… 🙂 My kids came running to me one afternoon last week shouting that we had a baby bird on our front doorstep.  When I looked out the window I saw this beautiful little one: I immediately knew it wasn’t […]

Wordless Wednesday- Valley of the Gods

On our recent trip to Colorado, we decided to take a detour on the way home to drive through Valley of the Gods.  Neat rock formations bring your imagination to life. We thought this one looked like a guy sitting in a bathtub.  See his toes on the right sticking out of the water? 🙂 […]

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