Birth Story Part 2

If you missed part 1 you can read it here. The entire time we’d been at the hospital we’d been watching my contractions on the monitor while listening to Connor’s heart beating good and strong. But as the pitocin kicked in, his heart rate dropped with each contraction. The nurse came running in and had […]

Birth Story Part 1

I started this on the 23rd of September (my due date, and 11 days after Connor was born). And yes, it’s been 7 weeks since Connor was born and I’m just now finishing. How do other new mommies get their birth stories posted THE DAY they deliver, or a few days after? Amazing. Anyway, on […]

Pregnancy Update- 38wks

Well here we are, a few days from possible induction (IF I dont go into labor before then… Crossing fingers!). Weekly U/S, NST and dr appointments have been going pretty well. U/S today showed that my fluid levels are low, so I’ve been advised to be very aware of Connor’s movement (or lack thereof) this […]

Pregnancy Update- 37 weeks

We’ve made it! FULL TERM! Yay! I’ve had an ultra-sound, non-stress-test and doctor’s appointment each week for the past few weeks. Things are all good! Baby Connor (yes, we decided on Connor) is growing well but keeping small, which is fine with me! Doctor thinks he’ll be less than 7lbs. My first 2 were just […]

Looks like baby will be here sooner than we thought…

** Disclaimer: If you get squeamish or grossed out about things dealing with pregnancy, dilation, etc, you may want to stop reading here…**I had my 35 week appointment today. Everything went well. I’m a whole 1/2cm dilated! HA HA! Trying to make me feel like something was happening I suppose… =) I guess technically something […]

I’ve reached the 35/35 mark!

Yep, officially 35 weeks along, 35 days to go. 35 DAYS??!!?! How has time gone so fast?! I’m going to miss being pregnant, but I am so anxious to see and hold our little guy. And each night I am up multiple times from discomfort, running to the bathroom, internal kickboxing routines courtesy of baby, […]

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