Pregnancy Brain: Yes, it’s real, and yes, I have it… BAD

I’m sure you’ve heard (and likely experienced) one of the wonderful side effects of pregnancy and motherhood: Pregnancy Brain, Mommy Brain, Mommy amnesia, Pregnancy Amnesia….call it what you will. I’m sure I’ve lost the majority of my brain most days. I forget words, simple words used in every day life like “dish soap” or “remote […]

Pregnancy Update- 33 weeks!

Well first, here’s the belly pic:There are days I feel HUGE and other days I wonder if I’m really as far along as they say I am. I had an ultrasound last week and he is still measuring a week ahead, so yes, I AM as far along as we think, he is just curled […]

Pregnancy Update- 29 weeks

Yep, we’re here already! Here’s what says is going on with our baby boy right now: Your Baby: Month 7 Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to the formation of white fat deposits beneath the skin. (Have those kicks and jabs to the ribs tipped you off yet?) Baby is also settling into sleep and […]

I’m on a see-saw…

I know, I’ve totally been slacking on personal posts lately. I’ve been on the see-saw of exhaustion and energy really bad the past week or so. One day I seriously cannot get enough sleep, and all I feel like doing is laying on the couch all day (not possible with 3 crazy kiddos!), and then […]

Baby names-HELP!!

So we are at 26wks and still no name for this little guy! We’ve had friends and family suggesting names, but still no names that Gary and I both agree on. He finally gave me a list last night and there are actually 4-5 names on it that I like, so we’ll see what comes […]

Pregnancy Update- 25 wks already!

We’re at 25 weeks already! Time is flying! I’ll be going to dr visits every 2 wks after my appointment next week. Soon it will be every week and then this little guy will be here! Insane! As you can see from the picture to the left, little man is the size of an eggplant. […]

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