Another Lesson From My Children- Mistakes and Forgiveness

I had a typical parenting moment. You know, the one where your child does the same thing they know they’re not supposed to do that you’ve warned them about over and over and yet they did it again for the umpteenth time…? Yep, that one.  Of course, upon scolding and showing extreme unhappiness at the […]

I Had The Post-Wedding Blues

A few weeks ago some friends of mine got married.  They married in a different state, and since we (and many of their friends and family) were unable to attend they live-streamed their wedding ceremony for all of us to be able to watch online.  It was wonderful.  After the wedding, however, I felt a […]

A Lesson From My Children- God’s Love

While on our way home from looking at Christmas lights a few weeks ago, we got to deal with a grumpy driver who, consequently, turned me into a grump too.  10 MPH over the speed limit in the slow lane wasn’t fast enough for him, and he was on my bumper.  I said something out […]

Sickies And A Break

How was your Christmas?! Hope it was wonderful and blessed!  I’ve enjoyed the past few days away from the computer; the break is nice, but we’ve also been sick. 🙁  My oldest got strep, then 4 days later pneumonia, so it’s been a bit crazy around here.  This mama has been sick for a few […]


Wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ll be enjoying today with my family and very large extended family at my aunt’s house today.  We’re expecting nearly 60 people this year!  I love it! I’ll also be spending the weekend at church for our yearly church reunion.  3 days of fellowship, worship […]

Happy Veterans Day

There are never enough words to express my thanks to the men and women who have served and are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  To be so selfless and courageous is a blessing to us all. This Veteran’s Day I feel even more grateful, and yet sad as well.  On Thanksgiving Day we will […]

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