I Can Handle Blood, Vomit, even Poop. But I Don’t Do…

…(insert Psycho music here)… TEETH (as in loose teeth and pulling teeth).   Even as a kid I couldn’t handle when my teeth were loose.  I preferred to let them fall out on their own, but my mom preferred to take me to a family friend to have them pulled.  She’d wait each time to see […]

Wordless Wednesday: We Voted

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Nearly 18 Months Later and Still Crying

While blogging, I often turn on some music as background noise for me.  Shortly after my dad passed away I put a few of the songs that were played at his service on my playlist… I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea, but they are beautiful songs and they remind me […]

Something Is Wrong, It’s Too Quiet…

If you’re a mother you know if the kids are at home and there is silence in the house, something is wrong.  Either someone is hurt or they’re up to no good. I’ve shared a few of the antics my youngest son Connor has gotten into.  He is by far my most mischievous, curious child. […]

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A…

A friend of mine from church got married a few weekends ago.  She’d asked for help with decorating and bouquets, and I was happy to help. Terrified, but happy.  I had helped my cousin with her bouquets when she got married 6 years ago, and helped decorate for her and my sister-in-law for their weddings, […]

My #MommyFail confession- Don’t judge

Alright, confession time… I’m a horrible mom at night, as in, the middle of the night. You know when your kiddos wake up from a nightmare or something scares them and they just want you to hold them and make them feel better? Yeah, not this mom. Photo credit I am not a morning person, […]

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