The laundry won’t fold itself…?

Love is blind, especially a mother’s love!

Ever noticed how we, as mothers, think there is NO cuter kid on Earth than our own? It’s true, and it’s as it should be! I have had this conversation with friends over and over again, how we always think our kid is cute.  I always say this is the case for me, but there […]

We interrupt these events for an important announcement…

…After posting almost daily for the past two weeks (and being up until the wee hours of the morning to get everything completed), you’re going to be shocked to see nothing new for the next few days! I have 2 more Back In Fluff reviews/giveaways to share with you (they’re AWESOME!), a whole slew of Holiday […]

A mother’s work is NEVER done!

During the time Gary and Logan were gone hiking the Grand Canyon, I decided to do some spring cleaning… about 2 seasons too late.  In any case, I had a Pepsi at 10pm and was up until almost 3am cleaning and organizing like mad (gotta love caffeine)!  It felt amazing when I was done! It […]

Who comes up with these things?!

I realize there are probably many smart, logical reasons why scientists- Ornithologists in this particular instance- name their discoveries the way they do.  However, there are times when I think there are a bunch of immature men who get together and brainstorm which names would be the funniest, most uncomfortable names for people to have […]

No need to worry, God is in control

Since my dad’s unexpected death I’ve found myself extra worrisome at times.  Suddenly and often out-of-nowhere my mind takes me to a tragic scenario or thought in which my husband Gary or one of our kids has died or suffered a horribly injury.  The reality of our length of time here on Earth being unknown […]

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