Note to self

While natural light can be great for locating those hidden eyebrow hairs that need plucking, you may want to avoid it if you’re not interested in discovering the random strands of gray hair that have decided to appear on your scalp.  You don’t have time to sit and pull them out, and you certainly earned […]

MIA: Vacation, sick family, and another chapter down in saying goodbye

I’ve been MIA from the blog for the past week. Feels weird!  Life has been busy and crazy, as I know you can ALL relate to. After our vacation to San Diego (more on that later!), we got sick. Being a family of 6 and most of us sick is not fun, especially when mommy […]

Salsa Competition: Did Gary win??

Every year the youth group at our church holds a Mexican food dinner and Salsa competition as a fundraiser.  They provide the food, and members of the church make homemade salsa.  Paper bags are placed behind each salsa (whose creators remain anonymous until the end), and people place money in the bags to “vote” for […]

Say what?!

I took my husband to a Diamondbacks baseball game for his birthday the other evening.  Shortly after we’d found our seats, a cute little family came and sat behind us.  Mom and dad were there with their little daughter, who must have been close to 2 years old and adorable as ever!  They were very […]

I know it gets easier eventually, but I think I’m ready NOW

It’s been almost 8 weeks since my dad passed away.  I think it’s been harder these past few weeks for me than it was those first few weeks.  Maybe before it was as if he were just gone on a trip, without phone service or something.  I still pick up the phone thinking I should […]

My 5 year old doesn’t think she’s pretty

I had a conversation with my 5 year old daughter the other night that concerned me. I was combing her hair and we were chatting. I can’t remember what about, but she commented about how she wished she were as pretty as her friends Sara and Anna.  My heart sank, and the first thing I […]

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