10 months old already!?

It seems impossible (and SO unfair!) that Connor is already 10 months old! How did this time go so quickly?  He is growing up so fast, but it’s been a blast watching all of the new things he’s learned.In the past month he has started walking, clapping, waving, signing (“all done” and attempting to do […]

4 weeks already

I cannot believe it has already been 4 weeks to the day since my dad passed away.  Even typing those words is still so unreal.  It’s amazing how one moment it can seem completely unreal, yet the next be so painfully real I can hardly keep it together. I’ll warn you, this is going to […]

For the Boys Birthday Event will be extended…

Due to the death of my father and the memorial services that will be held this weekend, Nancy and I have decided to extend the Birthday Event for a few more days.  We have a few more reviews and giveaways coming up- one of which I am waiting on the product for review- and want […]

On death and my father, Ed: October 29,1959- June 3, 2011

I was thinking all day today (I guess really yesterday, though I have yet to go to sleep) about a post I was going to write about life and it’s uncertainty, death and how quickly it comes upon us. I got word this morning that my aunt, (my mom’s younger sister), after going to the […]

Let’s get personal…

I’ve realized that-especially since having Connor- my blog has gone from strictly personal posts, to a mix of reviews and personal posts, to mostly review posts.  I am so limited on personal time and tend to make time just for the reviews I have committed to, and not with sharing my life and goings on […]

Diamondbacks Baseball Game!

A few weeks ago, Gary and I took Logan, Brooke and Connor to a Diamondbacks game!  Erik didn’t join us, as he got to stay the night at his grammy’s house with his cousin and bff Easton.  I think he probably had more fun there than he would have at the game. The Dbacks, our […]

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