Out with the old, in with the new!

We got a new range!  Why so excited? First, let me share with you what my old stove looked like… And now the details.  This range came with our house when we bought it. The temperature in the oven was never correct. I frequently had to bake things for much shorter times than specified because, […]


If only we all realized this, could accept this, embrace this, knowing our God ALWAYS knows what we are going through, ALWAYS knows our needs, ALWAYS knows better than we… Lyrics: We pray for blessingsWe pray for peaceComfort for family, protection while we sleepWe pray for healing, for prosperityWe pray for Your mighty hand to […]


  Growing up I always said I wanted 3 kids.  When Gary and I met, got serious, then discussed marriage and kids, we both thought 3 sounded good. After having our first 2 children, first a boy, then a girl, Gary commented that we could stop having kids now since we had one of each. […]

Sometimes it’s the little things

Something happened recently that reminded me of a post I read on DrahDrah’s blog a while ago. It touched me, and I thought I’d share it. We went to Costco to grab a few things. After stopping at a sample stand (we never pass those up!), we began walking. An old man caught my attention, […]

I am this mom…

My mom took my kids this morning for a few hours. She had the day off and wanted them to come play in the slip-n-slide at her house. She also thought it would be nice for me to have some time alone to do whatever I felt like. Isn’t she sweet? I was miserable… Is […]

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