Random Acts Of Cuteness- Cute

My 2-year-old Connor has been potty trained (daytime, still working on nighttime) since before he was 2, but lately we’ve been having issues with accidents throughout the day; the kid just can’t bring himself to stop playing long enough to go, and by the time he finally decides to try and make it he leaks… […]

Random Acts of Cuteness- Fantastic Hearing?

My kids got gift cards to Target for Christmas from their grandparents, so we took them a few days ago to spend them.  Of course they wanted toys, and Erik- who has been into ‘spy gear’ lately- picked up a spy gear toy.  Brooke was reading the box to Erik so he knew what it […]

Random Acts of Cuteness- Christmas Carols

Today as we were decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments, my kids began singing “The First Noel”.  Logan knows the words and was singing, “Noel, noel…”, and Brooke and 5-year-old Erik were singing along.  Shortly after we were done, the kids ran off to play.  Erik came inside at one point and was singing, but […]

Wordless Wednesday- Jumping Rope

…or trying to anyway! For more WW visit Woven By Words, Go Graham Go and the WW HQ. Don’t forget to link up your yummy recipes for Delicious Dish Tuesday!! AND be sure to enter all the giveaways going on right now (see the sidebar under giveaways)!

Random Acts of Cuteness: You know a child grew up in church when…

My 6 year old was reading her brother’s Star Wars book the other day.  She got to a part about Anakin Skywalker, and was reading aloud. This is what she read: “Anakin Skywalker was a Gentile child…” I DIED laughing!  Of course it said gentle, (in case that wasn’t clear), but you know…whatever.

Random Acts of Cuteness: Torture?

My daughter Brooke is 6 years old.  Her room was very messy, and I told her she had to clean it before she could come out of it. She decided she needed a break and came out to the living room.  I told her she was welcome to take a break, but not in the […]

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