Random Acts of Cuteness: Are you Cereal?!

We had a few members of my large family over last week for dinner. My Uncle Joel was giving 4 year old Erik a hard time.  After Erik kept talking on and on about something, Uncle Joel asked, “Are you cereal?!”(serious). Erik says, “No, YOU’RE cereal!”Uncle Joel asks, “Really?! What kind of cereal am I?”Erik […]

Random Acts of Cuteness- Erik

My 3 year old Erik has been on quite a roll lately.  Here are a few of his funnies: During church on Sunday, he closed his eyes and whispers, “Mom, can you see me?”  I laughed and said, “Yes silly, I can see you!”He smiled, closed them tighter and said, “Can you see me now?”***********************************************Gary […]

Random Acts of Cuteness- Well, mostly cute…

This is one of Connor’s favorite things to do now.  While funny and cute most of the time, it can be a bit frustrating when we are places that we are supposed to be quiet… Like church.  LOL! Sunday evening I think I was in the chapel for the service for about 10 minutes, then […]

Random Acts of Cuteness- Ladies First

Overheard: Logan: You go ahead Brooke, ladies first… Brooke: Thanks Logan! Logan: I wonder why they say “Ladies first”? Maybe it’s because guys are tough and ladies don’t do anything…

Random Acts of Cuteness-Dessert

Logan has always been a good eater. Even when he’s sick, he’s a good eater. Brooke has always eaten like a bird. She’s always the last one to finish, and more often than not there’s food left on her plate. Erik is very much like Brooke, although he’s usually more likely to finish his food. […]

Random Acts of Cuteness- Death and Resurrection

My mom had to put her 24 year old cat to sleep a few weeks ago. The kids were sad to find out and have missed sweet Callie. Last night we were at my mom’s for dinner. The kids were at the kitchen table finishing eating, and mom and I were nearby chatting. I overheard […]

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