Random Acts of Cuteness- The prayer of a child

So this evening we went to my grandparents for dinner. When I left we had to stop at the store, so by the time we got home it was almost bedtime, and I was rushing the kids. “Hurry and get in the shower! Hurry and get rinsed off! Hurry and get your pajamas on! Hurry […]

Random Acts of Cuteness-Prayers

Last night while saying prayers together, Logan and Brooke decided they didn’t feel like kneeling. Here’s the conversation that ensued… Me-“Common guys, we need to kneel and say our prayers so we can get to bed!” Logan-“I don’t feel like kneeling tonight.” Brooke- “Me either.” Me- “Sorry, but we need to. Did you know even […]

Random Acts of Cuteness-Muscles

So my kids do pretty well eating their veggies, but we still use the “If you eat those, it will make you smarter/muscles grow bigger”, etc, and that almost always does the trick.The other night we were eating corn beef and cabbage for dinner. Erik wasn’t too sure about the cabbage, but when I told […]

Random Acts of Cuteness

Last week we were cleaning up from dinner. I grabbed Erik from his highchair and was telling him how cute he was, (cause, you know, he is SO adorable!). Then Logan said something cute, and I told him how cute he was, (cause he is stinkin’ cute too!). A few minutes later, Brooke is laying […]

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