K’NEX Building Kits- Fun for all ages! Review {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

Building toys are always a great gift for kids.  They inspire creativity, create endless possibilities, and give a great opportunity for interaction between parents and their children.  K’NEX construction sets are awesome!  There are so many different K’NEX sets to choose from, for kids of all ages and interests including Sesame Street, NASCAR and Thrill […]

Star Wars Light Saber room light from Uncle Milton: Review {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

Educational toys are always a great gift for kids, but it’s even better when the toy is so much fun that the kids don’t even realize it’s educational! As a homeschooling family, I’m always happy to find a toy that is made specifically to teach my child while playing with it, and my kids are […]

Groovy Girls Cali Candy Cane doll from Manhattan Toy: Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

When it comes to purchasing holiday toys for girls, you really can’t go wrong with a doll! This is no different with my daughter, who often has a doll of some sort on her gift wishlist each birthday and Christmas!  Big or small, soft or hard, talking or crying, eyes open or closed…she loves them […]

Fun and Environmentally Friendly Toys from Green Toys: Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

Finding great toys for kids always makes me happy.  Knowing the toys I’ve gotten for them are made with recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials makes me even happier! Green Toys are packaged in recycled corrugated boxes with no plastics, cellophane or twist-ties, and are 100% recyclable. And the toys themselves…? They’re made mainly […]

Tonka Strong Arm Cement Mixer from Funrise Toys: Review and Giveaway {2011 Holiday Gift Guide}

What do you use to build a house in your back yard?  If you were 4 years old, you’d use your Tonka Strong Arm Cement Mixer, some rocks and all the junk you could find!  That’s exactly what my 4 year old son Erik did the first time he played with this toy, and has […]

Fluff for your daughter’s baby dolls! YES PLEASE!

My friend Skye over at Real Mom Reviews is participating in A Merry Fluffy Christmas.  What I LOVE about her fluffy package is that it’s for dolls!  I hope I win this, I’d love for my daughter to be carrying her babies in an ERGO and for her dolls to be sporting fluff too! Check […]

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