#ProtectPreemies and Young Children From #RSV

Preemie Awareness Day was on November 17th, and while RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) will effect nearly 100% of babies by the age of 2, preemies are most at risk because of their underdeveloped lungs and immature immune system. I never thought our family would be affected by RSV.  It can be very serious.  Know the […]

It’s Election Day! Get Out There and Vote!

Today is election day! If you didn’t vote on an early ballot, I encourage you to go to your local polling place to vote.  Your vote DOES count, your voice should be heard!  It’s so important.  We are blessed to live in a free country, in a democracy where we the people decide who and […]

Nearly 18 Months Later and Still Crying

While blogging, I often turn on some music as background noise for me.  Shortly after my dad passed away I put a few of the songs that were played at his service on my playlist… I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea, but they are beautiful songs and they remind me […]


Arg, I am having issues uploading photos to my blog posts, which is why no Wordless Wednesday post is up yet, and why nothing else has gone up. I have NO idea what the problem is, but I have my fabulous blog designer looking into it. Hopefully she’ll figure it out and we can get […]

Family Movie Night with Madagascar 3 DVD and Wig Combo #Giveaway

When the first Madagascar movie came out my oldest baby was not even a year old.  However, we bought the movie when it came out on video, and we still watch it to this day. We also love Madagascar 2, and when we saw that there would be a 3rd we were anxiously waiting for […]

WordPress, here I come!

That’s right, I’ve decided to take the plunge and make the switch to WordPress! Over the next few hours (end of day?) the lovely and amazing Tree from Pearl Tree Designs and Mother of Pearl It Is will be switching it all over for me, as well as giving me another FABULOUS design! Please bear […]

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