Some day….

So we’re at Target last week and we’re in the checkout line. I think I made a comment to Brooke about standing by the cart or something (she tends to be easily distracted… And they just have to put toys near the registers, along with candy and chap stick, which also rank high on her […]

Zoobie Pet giveaway

Okay, I know I have posted quite a few things for giveaways, but this is seriously something I have been LOVING since the moment I laid eyes on it!! Logan is obsessed with Alligators/Crocodiles, and when I say obsessed, that doesn’t begin to describe his love for them. So when I saw this, I flipped! […]

Aadam’s first sermon

So Aadam preached his first sermon on Dec 21. He definitely lived up to the Yates name! Most first sermons are very short, like 30-45 minutes tops. His was over an hour!! But it was great and kept your attention the entire time (and I’m not just saying that cause he’s my brother!). It was […]

Awesome giveaway for all you scrapbooking fools (or wanna be’s like me)

Calling all scrapbookers!! Look what is up for giveaway over at Simple Finds!It’s a Silhouette craft cutter!! Go here to enter! This ends on January 13th.Good luck!

I LOVE my life!

So I was driving home from the grocery store today (which, by the way, did NOT have hardly ANY sales! Ggrrrr!) and I had the radio on. I looked in my rear view mirror to see all of my kids dancing and laughing, and suddenly felt so overwhelmed with thankfulness! I love my life! I […]

I am HONORED, and I’m passin’ it on!

Wow! I received a nice little pick me up today in my email… A comment on my blog from Seeryus Mama saying she had something for me over at her blog. You can see the award below this, but you can also look here…I am so honored! I really only set up this blog so […]

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