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Full Time Mama — Page 259 — and loving every minute of it!

Another giveaway win!!

Woo Hoo! I won another giveaway! This time, the original winner didn't respond to her notification that she'd won, so Ryann from A Working blogging mommy drew another winner and it was me!!! I won a great book for Logan (1 Christmas gift taken care of!) that has his name personalized in it on each page! It's by Frecklebox. They have quite a few different selections, so anyone looking for a Christmas gift for a child should go check out their website! SUPER COOL!And please, check out Ryann's blog … [Continue reading]

Fun with Food!

Ok, so here's the deal. 5minutesformom and Prego is giving away $500 for groceries! They're wanting photos that are fun, family and food related. Finalists will be chosen Nov 17 and the photos will be submitted for a vote. Winner is photo with most votes.I had a hard time picking, but this is the one I entered. I just love this one from Erik's 1st birthday this year. Eating with his hands was NOT getting enough in his mouth I guess, so he resorted to putting his face in the cake and eating it … [Continue reading]

Check it out!

OK, so I am ashamed to say I have a new obsession. Aunt Jenn told me about a blog called "Bloggy Giveaways" that gives away products every day . I have been going there for a few weeks now to check out what's new to win. This past Monday, I went to the blog and guess what I came across? A HUGE "Bloggy carnival" where well over 1000 people have giveaways for the week (and tons of them do giveaways everyday too!). I have been spending the … [Continue reading]

Little man of mischief

This morning I was doing school in the dining room with Logan and Brooke. Erik usually runs around the house doing various things during the time we do school. Usually he is in Brooke or Logan's room playing with their toys. We got caught up learning and talking about turtles (this week's lesson) and I suddenly realized I wasn't hearing any noise from Erik. Hhhmmmmm.... Where was he?? I checked the kids' rooms, my room, my closet... Nope. Next stop, the living room. This is what I … [Continue reading]

Erik’s latest accomplishment

OK, so Erik is pretty much the smartest baby ever. Keep in mind he is just almost 14 months old.We've been putting him on the potty before we put him in the bath or shower for a while now. He usually always goes, and it has been clear to me lately that he understands and knows what he is doing. I'll tell him to go potty and his face gets serious and you can tell he is trying to go.Well, today I was in our bathroom doing my hair, and he came in. He started playing with the toilet seat, so I got … [Continue reading]

Teeth update

So, Erik cut another bottom tooth on Friday the 10th and another top tooth today! 2 more down, 2 more to go... Well, this round anyway. Hopefully his other teeth will decide to wait a while before they're ready! Poor kid!Oh yeah, and on top of the teeth coming in, this morning he fell and put one of his bottom teeth through his tongue!! Yep, all the way through! It went through at an angle, so it wasn't top to bottom... More middle front to top. But it bled and bled and he wasn't happy, of … [Continue reading]

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