Prayer request

I'd like to ask you all to keep Gary (and Isaac Ferrier) in your prayers. Work has been extremely slow. Recently they changed the way they pay the mechanics. They were getting paid hourly. Now they're on flat rate...If there's no work in the shop, you don't get paid. There have been many days in these last 6 weeks that the guys have sat around all day waiting for work to come in the shop so they could get some hours on their paycheck. Some guys have had as little as 40 hours on an 80 hour … [Continue reading]

Cutting teeth=Misery!

So for quite a few weeks now, Erik has been grumpy, clingy, fussy, cranky... Any and every adjective associated with cutting teeth! However, seeing as how Logan and Brooke were never like this when cutting teeth (We didn't even know Logan had cut his first 2 until he bit my finger one day!), we were pretty confused as to what his deal was. I kept blaming it on his lack of sleep, or his brother and sister constantly bothering him or something of the sort.He cut his first 2 bottom teeth when he … [Continue reading]

More birthday party pics

As promised, more pictures from the birthday party... Thanks Aunt Jenn!! Great job!! … [Continue reading]

Erik’s 1st Birthday Party-FINALLY!

OK, so Erik's birthday is August 23rd. But due to family being out of town, we were just finally able to have his 1st birthday party! We had almost all of our family here to celebrate, and as a special treat, Uncle Joel also brought a Ladder truck (fire truck) over for a while too! All of the kids got a hat and a Jr. Firefighter sticker badge, got to climb on and in the firetruck, and even heard the sirens and saw the lights! So much fun!Unfortunately, my camera battery died (why didn't I … [Continue reading]

Just for Laughs

Gary and I did this awhile ago then forgot about it. But my friend Melanie reminded me of it, so I thought I'd post it here for those of you who haven't seen it. Or for those of you who have who still enjoy a good laugh. *grin*Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today! … [Continue reading]


For those of you who do not know, we have started homeschool! I have been doing a Kindergarten curriculum with Logan, and Brooke joins us when she feels like it (which so far has been every time.) So far, things have gone extremely well, and both kids ask every morning if we are doing school today. The kids are learning lots of new things and are excited to show of their daily activities to dad when he gets home from work. So far we've learned about the days of Creation, when God created the … [Continue reading]

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